How You Can Grow The Long Hair You’ve Always Dreamed About

Grow The Long Hair You've Always Dreamed About with Root Root

Growing the long hair of your dream might seem to be a forever thing. According to American Academy of Dermatology Association; “Hair grows averagely about 1 cm per month and around six inches per year”. Enviably, long hair for some women comes naturally, but for many, it requires a fair price.

With a Keen eye on your hair care regimen, an upgrade to hair-friendly diet, plus effective hair care products and some little tweaks packed below, you will not only get that Rapunzel-length hair you’ve always craved, but you will have a healthy hair as well.

At Root Root Hair Care, we harbor the dream of every woman: natural beauty from natural hair. We are dedicated to helping women get the natural hair they deserve. So, if your interest is getting a long hair, we’ve pulled this together for you.

NOTE, there’s no magic trick to make this happen, the healthier your hair, the smoother the process. Hence it’s advisable you first stay aloof of all hair damaging habits. Else, you end up wasting your time and effort.  Could this be a good point to start with?…

A Healthy Hair Is a Longer Hair

If you are that folk that flat-irons hair every day, sorry, you are further away from the dreamland. Think of going platinum? Then you will be doing more harm than good.

Rather, swap those with healthy options like deep conditioning and scalp moisturizing as your hair care regimen and you’ve paved the path to an easy long hair.

Over processing is another beloved bad habit. Relaxing, perming and dying your hair leads to breakage and impedes hair growth. Why? They are all chemical processes that get rid of the hair’s natural oils and causes hair to become dull and frizzled, thence, more difficult to grow. Plus, there are more dangers to such processes.

Get Regular Trims

If you are interested in getting that dream long hair, regular trimming is a no by bypass-able routine.  Although this may seem counterintuitive, but here’s the fact: trimming your hair regularly gets rid of split ends which lead to hair breakage up the strands.

Split ends prevent hair from growing past a certain length. With trimming, wispy split ends are regularly removed, resulting in less breakages and fuller hair that grows unstuck.

Take The Right Diet

Promoting hair growth isn’t just about getting the best hair care products, half of the process depends on what you consume. Dermatologists will forever recommend foods with high protein like beans, fish and grains to maintain hair growth.

When you fix your diet, the rate of hair shedding is significantly reduced. Vitamin rich diets are also good sources of nourishment. Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin D, Zinc and Iron are instrumental to healthy long hair. These are all natural vitamins your hair needs to grow fast, long and strong.

Use The Right Hair Care Products

Certain hair care products are wondrous when it comes to facilitating hair growth and maintaining healthy hair. Root Root boost is an impressive serum and hair revitalizer.

It contains castor oil— a natural source of vitamin E, antioxidants and proteins which aids hair keratin. Your hair grows fuller, faster, and stronger. Besides, this amazing product wards off infections and cleanses your scalp of all fungal elements.

Try Supplements

Sometimes, you need extra nitro to propel your hair growth forward. That’s when your healthy diet is yielding but too slow or not enough. Root Root vitality hair growth multivitamin is one-of-a-kind supplement that delivers impressive results.

We specifically made this for advanced hair nutrition, and to fill the voids of deficient diets. Root Root Vitality promises to deliver significant hair boosting and longer strands, provided it’s taking to routine—twice daily for six months.

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