The Top Foods For Hair Health In 2021

The Top Foods For Hair Health In 2021

There is no telling which part of the body is most important. But one thing for sure is that the hair is one organ we all pay quite some attention to. Asides from washing every day, we all go the extra mile to trim, plait, braid, perm, or style as often as we can. That’s one special treatment, we must admit.

However, those activities only ensure beautiful hair and not necessarily a healthy one. Many people want to achieve hair growth and build healthy hair. They believe the only way to reach this goal is through routine haircare. That’s not entirely true.

The hair’s health is mostly based on genes, age and diet. While no one can change anything about the first two factors, it’s very possible to give a proper diet a shot. What’s more? Through proper diets, it gets easy to kill two birds with one stone – eat to maintain healthy hair and achieve all-round body growth.

Here at Root Root, we are passionate about building people with strong, healthy hair. We have compiled the top 5 foods to put in our diets to achieve hair growth and health.

Eggs: Eggs are very rich in protein and the hair’s base requires lots of protein to form. It’s very vital to provide the hair with the protein nourishment it needs to grow and become strong.

For those who are allergic to eggs, you can simply use them to create a moisturizing hair mask.

Carrots: At an average growth of 0.5 inches every month, the hair is one of the fastest-growing parts of the body. It can grow even faster with just the right amount of Vitamin A. And guess what? Two to three carrots or a cup of carrot juice per day can give the hair maximum growth.

Vitamin A also provides the hair with a natural serum that strengthens the root and makes it healthier. In fact, carrots have been proven to fight hair loss.

Avocado: The hair also needs sufficient antioxidants to stay healthy. Fortunately, avocados are rich in Vitamin E – a major source of antioxidizing agents. With a medium-sized avocado, the body will enjoy a delicious fruit that will provide it with healthy fats and also meet up to 20% of the hair’s Vitamin E requirements.

Aside from incorporating avocado into your diet, you can also use it as hair mask to promote hair growth.

Fatty Fish: There are a lot of omega-3 & 6 fatty acid foods but nothing beats the composition of fatty fishes. Fatty fishes give the body maximum antioxidants and fatty acid nutrients which in turn helps fight hair loss and boost hair growth. When using fish oil as supplements, the hair also enjoys the benefits of fatty fishes.

Citrus fruits: Fruits that contain citric acid are the best sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the hair in many ways. It helps the hair to absorb the iron nutrients it needs. It also keeps the hair vitalized and prevents aging. Some supplements like the Root Root Vitality is also rich in vitamin C that keeps the hair nourished and healthy all day long.

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